A heathy will for the future

The longer I live, the more certain I am that people who only talk of how corrupt everything and everyone is are not the people who make a good difference. Their points may be valid and they may raise our awareness, but the people who change the world for good have a healthy will for the future because God's love is at work in their lives.
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What do I do when everyone around me is getting promoted?

Perhaps nothing exposes our conditional happiness more than when people around us are getting the things we want. Sometimes this turns to jealousy. Other times, it fuels our resolve to try again, or try harder, or try elsewhere. But what if not getting what we want is the way to find true contentment?
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Whether I like it or not

What does it mean to be content? Are we supposed to be satisfied by the circumstances around us—whatever they are? Are we expected to like this pandemic, the wildfires, various disappointments and this constant state of uncertainty? The Bible talks about a contentment that is independent from our circumstances. If ever we needed that kind of contentment, it's now.
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Honor and fame

The world can be a fickle place. We see this in business, politics, and even churches. Fame and success can be achieved but then quickly lost. Yet we still look to flawed people to solve our problems, or we only concern ourselves with our personal ambitions and careers. Are you one who truly seeks God and His Kingdom, craving His wisdom instead of popularity or power?
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Justice, Mercy, Compassion

Have you made the connection between the protests we see in the evening news and our worship on Sunday mornings? God has a lot to say about justice, mercy and compassion that directly applies to our Monday through Friday behavior on the job.
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Do you build fences or dig wells?

We unite around a cause, or an ideology, political party or a religion. We draw lines that distinguish us from others and try to get as many people on our side of the line as possible. This is a fickle unity, at best, and is most certainly a temporary one. Love, however, has enduring power, and it's God's instrument for binding the world together.
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