Articles published in 2019

The beauty of order

We sometimes thing of order and structure as the opposites of freedom and creativity. But imagine an art studio with brushes and paints strewn everywhere. Where you couldn't find the tool you needed because nothing had its place. Could it be that order is actually an essential ingredient of creativity? Tags:  Orderliness, Character, Corder

The antidote for offense

We've all worked with people who have said untrue things about us or have offended us in some way. The natural response is either to get even or get away. But there's a better way that's MUCH more effective than fight or flight. Tags:  prayer, Forgiveness, Vawter

Forgiveness and accountability in the workplace

Whenever people live or work together, they need to practice forgiveness because we humans are imperfect. No group can function long before someone breaks a promise and lets others down. But forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood words in the Christian vocabulary. We often associate it with forgetting, but in fact, we need to forgive because we cannot forget. Tags:  Forgiveness, Accountability, Work, Chalk, Theology of Work

You want me to do what?!

In today’s harsh world, it’s easy to find things offensive and to take issue with things that seem unfair or just outright wrong. It might be hurtful words people have said, not getting credit for your hard work, an unresolved family dispute, or any number of things that festers and infects our relationships. Unfortunately, there’s only one way of getting rid of grudges: FORGIVE. Tags:  Forgiveness, Tamasy

The forgiveness challenge

When someone lets you down or offends you, the normal response is to avoid them. Take your business elsewhere. Don't ask them for help again. Once bitten, twice shy. But this approach is actually bad for business. It can destroy partnerships, leadership teams, even entire organizations. There's a better way. It's not easy, but it's simple. Tags:  Forgiveness, Tamasy

Choosing gratitude

What goes through your mind when you don’t get what you feel you deserve? How much thought do you put into achieving or acquiring something you really want? It’s good to have ambition and pursue fairness, except when they feed (or are fed by) our discontentment. What keeps our motives pure is a posture of gratitude. Tags:  Gratitude, Alcorn, Thankfulness

Gratitude as a motivator

It's one thing to get fired up about something at a conference or training seminar. It's another thing to sustain that excitement once you're back in the “valley” of everyday workplace challenges. How, then, can we find the motivation we need to not only establish and start pursuing worthwhile goals, but also to sustain the effort? Tags:  Gratitude, Thankful, Tamasy