Advantages of Adversity

By Robert J. Tamasy How is your business doing right now? Or your career? Perhaps you are struggling, uncertain about the future. Even if your situation appears to be going very well now, chances are you have faced serious challenges at some point during the past few years. Adversity has become everyone’s companion in one way or another.
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CBMC First Thursday Gathering

We wanted to let you know that our September First Thursday Gathering is this Thursday. The First Thursday Gathering is a time when we come together to pray for our city's businesses and professions. We hope you can join us for this important opportunity to meet and pray with some of the metro area's finest business and professional individuals.

Pitfalls Of Knowing Too Much

By Jim Mathis Ted DeMoss, the former president of CBMC, would occasionally comment that a person was “educated beyond their intelligence.” This was just his humorous way of describing a person that he felt knew too much but would think too little. In other words, he believed raw knowledge could be a dangerous thing when used carelessly.
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