Give thanks - for everything

At this time of year, we typically focus on the enjoyable things we have experienced. But what about the many hard things this year has brought? Are we supposed to pretend all is well in the world, even when we're hurting, struggling and grieving? Tags:  Thankful, Gratitude, Trial, Tamasy

Muscle imbalance

Perhaps someone was having a little fun with Photoshop here, but think about this picture for just a second. Instead of saying, “Wow, that dude is in really great shape,” you'd probably think, “Yikes! Something went wrong there!” Yet we make the same mistake when we allow ourselves to think of our work as merely a means to an end. Read on and I'll explain. Tags:  Work, balance, mission

Cost-benefit analysis

Lou Gehrig may not have died from Lou Gehrig's disease after-all, but instead from symptoms caused by the many concussions he encountered in his long career. Gehrig was really good at what he did, but what he did may have ruined his life. This prompts a question for us today: are the benefits of our work worth the costs - to us and those we love? Tags:  balance, Margin

I don't like my job

Each of us has elements of our jobs that we are not good at and don’t like doing. But there is hope for us in the midst of performing those painful tasks, and encouragement in those frustrating moments. Tags:  Patience, Perseverance

Isolation is dangerous

We have a lot of people we interact with regularly. Some are even our friends. But do these relationships prop us up and propel us forward when life gets hard or we're struggling with something very personal? Tags:  Connection, Alone, Isolation

Taking a stand

There is an old saying, "If you know no opposition, it's because you stand for nothing." So do you fear opposition, or feed on it? Tags:  Fear, Opposition, Conquer, Strength, Stand