The importance of perfect timing

Our productivity and ultimately our success, depends largely on timing. We know from our own experience that we are smarter, faster and more creative in some parts of the day than others. Confirming these conclusions, Russell Foster, a neuroscientist, claims, “The performance change between the daily high point and the daily low point can be equivalent to the effect on performance of drinking the legal limit of alcohol.” That may seem like a startling comparison, but it is probably very accurate for assessing when we can do our best work.
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Embrace your creativity

There is a certain wonder and imagination you can only find in art, and it’s something we as Christians have often struggled to embrace. Yet God designed us to create - and that extends even to the work we do every day.
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Don't be a sheepdog leader

Looking back at my career, I can recognize times when I've tried to lead the way a sheepdog leads a flock of sheep, by barking, manipulating, scaring and irritating those under my care. There's a clear path to becoming a shepherd leader, though. One whom others want to follow.
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10 Takeaways on honesty

A group of young men recently asked me about integrity and honesty in the workplace, where there's pressure to take shortcuts or fudge certain details when the reward seems to outweigh the risks. So here is my ‘Top 10” on the topic of honesty.
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Truth in advertising

We stretch the truth in a sales pitch. We hide the poor customer reviews. And we tell ourselves, "it's not an outright lie, it's just not full disclosure." That's how business is done, right? But clock out for a moment and ask yourself: Is that the type of person you want to be known as? More importantly, is that the representation of GOD that you want to give to your clients and colleagues?
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Why we lie

Isn’t it weird how we lie? How we spin stories to present ourselves as the people we wish we were instead of who we are? Or how we sit quietly and perpetuate an untruth when we know it’s a lie? And we’ll do it with people we’ve known for years as quick as with total strangers.
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Shake it off

There comes a time when the right thing to do is to just shut things down and move on. This shouldn't happen out of frustration or impatience, though. The wise man is able to persevere through the struggle because he trusts that God has a purpose in it.
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Half of the adults in the US will make one or more New Year’s resolutions. A quarter of those people will not stick with them past the first week. Less than half of them will still be maintaining their new resolve by June. Why is change so hard?
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