Time well spent

Like a good father with his children, Jesus values the time you spend with Him far more than the things you do for Him. What does this look like in your work day?
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And the leader is ...

Leadership is influence. And influence is something that is granted, not assumed. So what kind of influence are you having on others, and what kind of influence are you granting to others?
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When change is needed

There's a difference between maintenance and repair. Maintenance is done to prevent problems, whereas repairs are done when things have already gone wrong. So when was the last time you did some personal maintenance? Rick Warren gives us some tips on where to start.
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How to be great at work

By Ben Kirksey


Who doesn’t want to be great at work?

Whether it is expressed through recognition, accomplishment or even the private sense of knowing you did a good job, we all desire greatness. 

The disciples also desired greatness. They followed Jesus because they believed in him (Mark 10:28). Yet they still had a misguided idea of the nature of greatness, and at one point even argued about who would be the greatest. Then Jesus stepped in: