How we work

CBMC provides events, workshops, resources and one-on-one discipleship - all for the purpose of training and preparing believers to engage other men with the Gospel.

Our focus is on building life-on-life relationships: professional businessmen living in community with one another, united by a love for Christ and a desire to make him known in Oklahoma for the glory of God.




CBMC Forums consist of 5-8 Christian businessmen owners with a trained moderator, meeting monthly to help each other apply God's Word to their business and personal lives through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and Godly wisdom with confidentiality.



As a part of our mission to make Christ known in Oklahoma, we host a variety of public events annually to introduce CBMC to a larger audience and to create opportunities for connecting with lost people in our community.




We've developed an online, interactive platform for engaging the Bible with others: The Advancement System. The Advancement System is host to an ever-growing array of resources, each designed to facilitate the relational discipleship experience that occurs between two businessmen walking alongside each other in Christian maturity and growth.




We don't want anyone falling through the cracks in his spiritual life. We provide opportunities for connecting to other businessmen for the purposes of accountability and support in their walks with Christ.

  • Operation Timothy Classes
  • First Thursday Prayer Gatherings
  • Quarterly CBMC Connection – dinner meeting


CBMC has the tools you need to develop other men in your circle of influence to be ambassadors for Christ in their homes, their businesses, and their communities.



Harold Armstrong

Harold Armstrong, Senior Area Director

 Black and White picture of Brent against checkered wall

Brent Vawter, Area Director

Area Leadership Team

•  Steve Trice, JASCO Products

• Marty Hepp, CEC

• Bill Wylie, CBMC Leadership Institute

• Dr. Enrique Cepeda, Mid-America Christian University

• Scott Klososky, Future Point of View


The Ministry of CBMC

CBMC began as Christian Business Men's Committee in 1930 when a group of Christian businessmen saw a need for a spiritual revival and organized a six-week evangelistic crusade in downtown Chicago. Public response from the first meeting on January 6, 1931, was overwhelming.

Today, CBMC has grown from a small group of men in Chicago to over 18,000 members in 700 teams across the United States. Worldwide, CBMC is active in over 70 countries with over 50,000 total members.

Over 2,000 people in Oklahoma are reached annually through CBMC events.