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33rd Annual Metro Prayer Breakfast

Scott Shultz

Speaker:  Mr. Scott Shultz

The 33rd Annual CBMC Metro Prayer Breakfast is co-sponsored by CBMC and the Mayor’s office.

It is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th, at the Cox Convention Center Great Hall. 

Scott Shultz is President of Robinson Outdoor Products, LLC, an outdoor industry leader responsible for the ScentBlocker, Tree Spider, and White Water brand products of hunting and outdoor gear. Scott grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where he developed his passion for hunting, shooting, and anything connected to being afield. He turned this hobby into a profession, as he became a tournament archer who was sponsored by some of the leading brands in the archery industry.

After shooting the archery circuit for more than ten years, Scott joined Robinson Laboratories as executive vice president in 1995. Within a few years, he became president of Robinson Laboratories; he then acquired the company in 2002 and renamed it Robinson Outdoors. Under Scott’s leadership, Robinson Outdoors became a leading brand in the industry and it seemed that everything Scott touched was successful.

However, things began to change for the worse, and the desperation of a struggling business mixed with marital discord caused Scott to grow arrogant and defiant, determined to turn his life and business around in his own strength and wisdom. Eventually, the millions of personal wealth was gone, the business was in disarray and failing, and Scott went home to an empty house, as his wife and children had left him. Scott was left with nothing…but God. Slowly, God pursued Scott to the point of surrender as he submitted his broken life to the Lord and gave him control.

Today, Scott has reconciled with his family, and he views Robinson Outdoors as his mission field as he honors the Lord through the business. “We view the hunting market as our mission field, and our products carry our message and testimony to our customers,” Scott says. There is a scripture verse inscribed on every ScentBlocker product that goes out the door. Likewise, there is a small waterproof card inserted into the pocket of every jacket which carries the salvation message. Robinson hired a chaplain in 2011 who meets with employees and writes a devotional called “but God.” This devotional is posted on the company website, on Facebook and Twitter, reaching more than 20,000 people each week with its Godly message.

The Oklahoma City Metro Prayer Breakfast has become one of the most meaningful community events held in the metropolitan area.  The breakfast buffet will open at 6:30 a.m. and the program will be 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.  Individual tickets are $35 each. Pacesetter, Leadership, Patron, Corporate, and Host tables, for 10, are also available. 

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We hope that you can join us for this historic event.