Isolation is dangerous

We have a lot of people we interact with regularly. Some are even our friends. But do these relationships prop us up and propel us forward when life gets hard or we're struggling with something very personal?
Tags:  Connection, Alone, Isolation

Taking a stand

There is an old saying, "If you know no opposition, it's because you stand for nothing." So do you fear opposition, or feed on it?
Tags:  Fear, Opposition, Conquer, Strength, Stand

Time well spent

Like a good father with his children, Jesus values the time you spend with Him far more than the things you do for Him. What does this look like in your work day?
Tags:  Time

And the leader is ...

Leadership is influence. And influence is something that is granted, not assumed. So what kind of influence are you having on others, and what kind of influence are you granting to others?
Tags:  Leadership, Influence