Pride in your work

Business people, especially entrepreneurs, need to be able to promote themselves in such a way that their confidence does not cross the line into arrogance, diminishing the work of others - even the competition.
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Finding good people

The challenge for the effective leader is to understand what each employee requires to be able to perform most productively, provide what is needed, and understand how closely to supervise the work. But doing this well starts with the heart and mind of the leader, not the motivational style of the employee.
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How faith affects our work (Part 1)

We applaud business that does good for society, especially those who need a hand. Companies that put people above profits, and principles over prices. But who determines what's moral when America is so divided on what's right vs. wrong? Tim Keller addresses this question and 3 other ways that faith intersects and shapes our work.
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Real Customer Service

Think about it: Jesus had less response and found more resistance in the synagogue than in the workplace. So He took the gospel to the workplace. That's where the power of God was manifested.
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Hey, I really do care

A recent study discovered 33 percent of people would switch companies if they knew they would receive more empathy, yet this topic isn't given much attention in business schools. Showing concern doesn't mean we solve everyone's problems, but that we help bear their burdens. The Bible speaks often on this topic and makes clear that this is God's will for us.
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