Opportunity in the disruption

How are you using your time these days? Some are busier than before the pandemic, and others are bored with a lot of extra time to kill. Some have added disciplines, others have dropped all semblance of discipline. But what if an intentional 1-hour Zoom meeting each week could completely change someone’s life – their business, their family, their own sense of purpose. If you had the opportunity to be a part of that, would you? The option is real, and it’s yours to take.
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The adaptive challenge

The biggest challenge for Christians today may be figuring out how to adapt to a changing society. Adapting to changing circumstances is not giving up your principles. It’s not selling out. It’s acknowledging that the situation has changed and so must our approach.
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Silver linings

With news about the coronavirus breaking so rapidly, it’s hard to anticipate what the latest “scoop” will be. I recall the late Gilda Radner’s “Saturday Night Live” character, Roseanne Roseannadanna, who used to say, “It’s always something!” Bad news seems to beget bad news. But out of any crisis, important lessons can be learned. And most of the time, good emerges out of bad, pulling silver linings out of dark clouds that hover over us.
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Celebrating an Easter like no other

This year, despite the hopeful optimism of some of our government leaders, it’s likely the doors of most churches will be closed, with congregants having to settle for online Easter observances. For many followers of Jesus, Easter without physically attending a worship service is almost unimaginable. How can we worship without doing so in “the house of God”?
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Flourishing in troubling times

We live in troubling times, from corona viruses to computer viruses, financial uncertainty to political instability, from physical war to cyber war. On top of that, we also face relational, spiritual, and physical struggles in the course of life. Still, the Bible gives us hope that not only can we survive, but flourish, grow, multiply, and bear fruit. And it's all possible because of one great promise: "I have overcome the world!"
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Dealing with a pandemic of fear and loneliness

There's a lot of unknown for us right now, at work and at home. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing control, fear of losing everything, fear of homeschooling my kids. And loneliness … if this lasts for the long haul, will I be forgotten by those outside my house? Will this isolation create tension with those inside my house, in my relationships with my wife and my kids? Here are a few practical things that might help us fight our loneliness.
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A little kindness goes a long way

Okay, so this isn't a cure for the corona virus, but did you know that being kind to others actually helps boost your own immune system, slow down aging, elevate your self-esteem and improve blood pressure? And then, of course, there's the ripple effect that happens for others. A little kindness goes a long way!
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Sow a little kindness

We take action against injustice. We defend the defenseless. We resist those who oppose us. But Jesus asks us to sow kindness and mercy into our responses. Even in our righting of wrongs and defending of rights, the greater power will always be found in showing kindness.
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On being resourceful

During the gold-rush days in the mid-1800s, tentmaker Levi Strauss, observed that the prospectors needed strong, rugged clothes. So he conceived the idea to use rough tent material to make the Levi jeans. The idea worked, and in the course of time the Strauss company became the world’s largest apparel maker. God blesses rightly conceived and properly motivated ingenuity in His people, as He did the know-how of Saint Paul in behalf of the Gospel. He blesses their efforts to spread His Word by person-to-person testimonies and by the use of the mass media. He doesn’t want them to travel by oxcarts or in slow boats to China when they can use aircraft.
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