Impossible Task Or Great Opportunity?

By Steve Trice "We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations." (Chuck Swindoll) My assistant shared this message with me from Chuck Swindoll, at just the right moment. I had come through what I perceived as a very frustrating and perplexing long term issue, and I was considering allowing the circumstances to cause me to retrench and give up on a passion I believe the Lord has laid on my heart.
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Is It A Good Time To Be Thankful?

By Robert J. Tamasy "Thanks a lot!" These three words carry a tremendous amount of meaning, and can be intended many ways. They can represent a sincere expression of gratitude, extended to an employee for excellent work on a project, a coworker, a valued customer for their business, or a supplier for meeting an urgent need in a timely manner. Or it can be said sarcastically, referring to someone's work, comments or attitudes that were not appreciated.
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By Pam Kanaly Can you imagine receiving fifty million dollars from your deceased uncle and never depositing the check in the bank? Yet that’s what many believers do with their God-given inheritance granted at salvation. As a child of Christ the King, are you cashing-in on your spiritual heritage or living beneath your privileges? In Will the Real Me Please Stand Up, I’ve brought to light 100 benefits granted to every follower of Christ. These enrichments known as the “100 I am Blessings” highlight your new creature status. They grant spiritual power and vision and enable you to conquer defeat and step into a triumphant life.
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By Pam Kanaly It was the mid-1960s. I sat in the living room of my house on 2417 Duncan Street waiting for my favorite television game show, “To Tell the Truth.” Three contestants graced the stage all posing to be the same person but only one emerged as the true identity. Today’s TV shows are no different. Mankind is still in search of authentic realities; you know: the real American idol, the real dancing star, or the real survivor. But what if a new show came out next season called, “Will the Real Me Please Stand Up.” I wonder who would watch it?
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Defeating Discouragement

By Rick Warren Discouragement is a disease unique to human beings: It's universal. Everyone gets it. It's reoccurring. You can catch it more than once. It's highly contagious. Hang around discouraged people - you'll be infected.
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Leading With Wisdom

By Rick Boxx Most CEOs and other top executives of large organizations have access to a wide range of business advisors and teachers. Many of these consultants arrive with the latest business ideas and fads. Fads come and go, however, being replaced by other novel and often short-lived strategies. Left in their wake are confusion and questionable business practices that are not rooted in time-tested wisdom.
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Advantages of Adversity

By Robert J. Tamasy How is your business doing right now? Or your career? Perhaps you are struggling, uncertain about the future. Even if your situation appears to be going very well now, chances are you have faced serious challenges at some point during the past few years. Adversity has become everyone’s companion in one way or another.
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Pitfalls Of Knowing Too Much

By Jim Mathis Ted DeMoss, the former president of CBMC, would occasionally comment that a person was “educated beyond their intelligence.” This was just his humorous way of describing a person that he felt knew too much but would think too little. In other words, he believed raw knowledge could be a dangerous thing when used carelessly.
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