Shake it off

There comes a time when the right thing to do is to just shut things down and move on. This shouldn't happen out of frustration or impatience, though. The wise man is able to persevere through the struggle because he trusts that God has a purpose in it.
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How deep are your roots?

The global marketplace often experiences tumultuous, often unexpected shifts. Economic upheaval seems to touch every individual, company and industry at some point. So what's the key to weathering these storms?
Tags:  adversity, Endurance, Vision

Advantages of Adversity

By Robert J. Tamasy How is your business doing right now? Or your career? Perhaps you are struggling, uncertain about the future. Even if your situation appears to be going very well now, chances are you have faced serious challenges at some point during the past few years. Adversity has become everyone’s companion in one way or another.
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