An unconventional love

The final week of Advent is a reminder of the unexpected, unconventional Love that Jesus brought into the world. As we see in the birth story of Christ, this love is determined, affectionate, active, sacrificial, unmistakable and transformational. Our hope is that you know this love, are living in this love, and are sharing this love with others.
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An Old Holiday That Is Always New

By Robert J. Tamasy This is the week we again turn thoughts to "Christmas," whatever that happens to mean for each of us. For many around the world, it means the commemoration of the birthday of Jesus Christ, even though the actual date of His birth is hidden in historical obscurity. For today's business and professional world, however, Christmas means the difference between profit and loss (especially if you are in retail); the evaluation of bonuses for employees; the culmination of another fiscal year; and even determining whether "Merry Christmas" is an appropriate greeting for customers in our politically correct culture.
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A Truly Gift-Worthy Christmas

By Robert Tamasy In many parts of the world, Christmas is synonymous with gift giving. How that is practiced varies from culture to culture, but in most cases a spirit of generosity and good will prevails. We exchange gifts of some sort in our homes with family members and friends. Businesses sponsor Christmas parties for employees, often accompanied by gifts as tokens of appreciation for another year of diligent labor. Sometimes annual bonuses are presented, dependent on how prosperous the company was over the past 12 months.
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