Flourishing in troubling times

We live in troubling times, from corona viruses to computer viruses, financial uncertainty to political instability, from physical war to cyber war. On top of that, we also face relational, spiritual, and physical struggles in the course of life. Still, the Bible gives us hope that not only can we survive, but flourish, grow, multiply, and bear fruit. And it's all possible because of one great promise: "I have overcome the world!"
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Shake it off

There comes a time when the right thing to do is to just shut things down and move on. This shouldn't happen out of frustration or impatience, though. The wise man is able to persevere through the struggle because he trusts that God has a purpose in it.
Tags:  Trial, Struggle, Hardship, Resolve, adversity

It All Comes Down To Attitude

By Robert J. Tamasy “You have exactly the right attitude to handle this situation.” “You need to do something about changing your attitude. It is terrible!” Obviously these statements are two ends of the extreme, but realistically, what difference does our attitude make in our day-to-day responsibilities in the workplace? If you are properly trained, have the right skills and experience, and receive enough opportunities, can success be far behind?
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